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  • 330ml still

    With Custom Label

    16g PET bottle

    R6.00 per bottle

  • 500ml still

    With Custom Label

    21g PET bottle

    R6.00 per bottle

  • 500ml sparkling

    With Custom Label

    26g PET bottle with sports cap

    R6.50 per bottle

  • 1L still

    With Custom Label

    35g PET bottle

    R9.50 per bottle

  • 5L still

    With Custom Label

    75g PET bottle

    R19.00 per bottle


  • Refill Bottle

    PET plastic re-usable dispenser bottle.

    R139.00 per bottle

  • Large Cooler

    With Custom Label

    A large cooler for the home or office, dispensing your choice of cold or hot water, with a refridgerator compartment.

    R1,999.00 per cooler

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